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Housed in the historic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, Ireland and The Market Studios on Halston Street, Pulse College has three decades of proven track-record in delivering professional industry training courses in audio & music, games, animation and film. Established in 1991, Pulse has received international recognition for both its vocational, and practice-driven academic courses.

The College has now launched a new initiative to support aspiring sequential artists and graphic novelists with ‘Pulse Comics’.

Pulse Comics will provide both the resources and platform for emerging talents to showcase original and exciting stories. This channel showcases various panels, trailers and masterclasses from both contributors and industry leading experts.

Below you can read the latest Volumes of the 'Pulse College Anthology' for free by clicking on either icon for 2020, 2022 or 2023. Copies of these anthologies were made available online for free during the pandemic of 2020 and then available for donations to the Children's Health Foundation at Dublin Comic Con 2022.

You can still donate to the Children's Health Foundation here.

For more on Pulse College's Animation and Sequential Art Courses please visit here.

Click on 2020 To Read Vol 1

Click on 2022 To Read Vol 2

Click on 2023 To Read Vol 3

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