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Back in August 2016, Lightning Strike Comics Partnered with Dublin Comic Con and Pulse College to create a special 80th anniversary book featuring the world's first comic-strip superhero, Lee Falk's 'The Phantom'.

This book features various different creators and was intended to be a publishing debut for many rising artists and writers.

The publication was produced with the permission of King Features Syndicate and was the first of several other Phantom stories to be published by LS.

You can now read the PDF of this book, for free, by pressing on the button below.

All sales of this book were donated to The Children's Health Foundation which you can still donate to here.

Creators include:

David Williams... Introduction

Lee Falk and Ray Moore... Phantom Origin Strip

Robin Jones... Letter and Logo Design

Derek Keogh... Writer

Sean Hill...Writer

Sinead O'Neill.. Writer

John O'Reilly... Writer

Jerry Higgins... Writer

Johnny McMonagle... Artist

Ashwin Chacko... Artist

Arif Iqbal... Artist

David McDonagh... Artist

Roisin Young... Artist

Karol O'Rowe... Artist

Stephen Carey... Letterer

Cian Tormey... Artist

Chris O'Halloran... Colours

Press On The Phantom's Mask to Read the Full PDF

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