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Lightning Strike Comics was founded in 2011 by Eoin McAuley and its debut publication Lightning Strike Presents was published in 2012.

The anthology went on to have 9 volumes and featured a range of Irish and international creators serving for many as their first professional published work.

Included here are the latest volume of the anthology as well as a special magazine produced for Dublin Comic Con 2014, which features interviews with legendary greats such as Alan Grant, Stan Lee and Kevin Conroy.

You can read both publications for free by clicking on the relevant icon below.

The Lightning Strike Presents line-up picture was produced by  artist Cormac Hughes.

Further creator credits are listed in the content page of the magazine.

To Read LS #9 Press on its cover.
To Read The DCC Mag of 2014 Press on its cover.

Back in 2017, Lightning Strike Comics produced a free booklet to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Hal Foster's Prince Valiant.

The Booklet featured an article by Brian Kane, a world authority on Prince Valiant.

The booklet was produced with promotional materials shared by King Features Syndicate and distributed among comic shops in Dublin, Ireland for free.

In celebration of Free Comic Book Day 2023, we're happy to re-present the booklet here, by clicking on the image of Prince Valiant you can download a PDF of the book to read for free.

Prince Valiant (c) 2023 All Right Reserved. All characters featured in this publication and the distinctive names and likenesses thereof and all related indicia are trademarks of King Features Syndicate. No similarity between any of the names , charcaters, persons and/or insitutions in this publication with those of any living or dead person or instituion is intended, and such similiarity which may exist is purely coincidental.

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